In Arizona, marksmanship matters.

“The Train-Me State” knows that a nation, trained to arms, is an American linchpin of freedom, and is respected in Arizona like nowhere else. The Arizona legislature has enacted vibrant protection of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. We in Arizona seem destined to set models for the nation—in this case, a shining example of gun rights for all free peoples of the Earth.

The Grand Canyon State has Constitutional Carry. This frees any law-abiding adult in the state—not just residents—to discreetly enjoy the right to bear arms envisioned in the Constitution. We have a super-strong Castle Doctrine, coupled with robust burden of proof, a defensive-display statute, statewide preemption law restricting local fiefdoms from gun-rights abuse, and a specious-lawsuit ban—a true milestone—protecting honest people from false charges by criminals and their kin. We even have a High School Marksmanship law on the books for one credit towards a diploma; now if we can just move the obstructionists out of the way. Our Arizona Firearms Freedom Act joins a growing nationwide movement to repel federal incursion on states’ rights, and end intolerable abuse of the interstate Commerce Clause.

The TrainMeAZ Campaign is designed to teach and bring gun safety and knowledge to every Arizonan.
In this state, we take it for granted that you know how to shoot, know how to handle guns safely, how to use guns for self defense and all legal purposes, and that you know and respect our laws. Criminals with guns receive harsh punishment, so be it. Citizens with guns earn respect, and help keep Arizona a safe and wonderful place to live. Robert Heinlein correctly noted that an armed society is a polite society, and in Arizona this is truth personified and exercised. Come to an “Open Carry Banquet,” and see! Join the Arizona Buy-cott. See how we do it at and and for our sisters in arms, TrainMeAZ is a non-partisan, joint educational effort of the firearms community.

This is why the TrainMeAZ Campaign exists. Acting as one, the state rises up to encourage and enable gun-safety training, fun shoots, special training days at the range, a coordinating point for the state’s thousand-plus certified trainers—with web-interactive and printed maps for the people. Soak up family days where the shooting sports are honored and enjoyed, with that freedom smell of gunpowder and a good hot dog. Arizona is an American protectorate of the culture of marksmanship, where the decent, honorable and lawful pursuit of the shooting sports, and the precious right to keep and bear arms is honored and enjoyed. How do you think so many trainers and shooting schools thrive here? Should your state honor our rights this way?

Visit Arizona, and breath free air. Come experience The Litmus Test of Freedom—the right you have as honest adults to enjoy your right to arms.

Use the website to find training opportunities, shooting ranges, and classes for any level of skill—from your first-time shooting experience (a thrill you will always remember, just like the rest of us do), to the kind of tactical training the world’s elite special forces get—an experience few of us get to experience. In Arizona, marksmanship matters. Learn to shoot straight. Teach your children well. Join us, as a nation trained to arms, confident in our exercise of the Second Amendment right of the people to keep and bear arms, which shall not be infringed.

Exercising liberty’s teeth has a positive impact on the political environment.


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