Once you begin enjoying the shooting sports it’s only natural to drift toward the appeal of competitions. Competing is a great way to hone your skills, improve your gun handling and safety techniques, develop long-term friendships, learn and grow, improve concentration (it takes more focus to perform well under time constraints here than almost any other sport requires), and you’ll enjoy the fun of a time-honored American pastime. It’s no wonder the shooting sports are the #2 participant sport in the nation!

Newcomers are always welcome as observers at matches and it’s a good way to be introduced to the field. See the gear, experience the determination of the competitors, watch the intense attention to safety, feel the thrill and excitement each discipline offers. Before long, you’ll be gearing up for your first match and an unparalleled experience. There are even “unmatches” for novices so you can learn the ropes.

NOTE FOR EXPERIENCED SHOOTERS: Please drop us a line for new matches and shoots we haven’t listed here. This page is under more-or-less constant construction as the shooting community expands its horizons.


Match Calendars

Please contact us with information on any regional match or club match calendar not listed here.

Rio High Power
Awards and trophies are part of the prestige and fun of competition!

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