Gun Shows in Arizona all year long

List of Shows

Gun shows are a time-honored classic American tradition where people exercise the constitutional right to assemble, speak freely with one another about areas of common interest and political importance, buy, sell and trade legal products between themselves and commercial operators, bring kids, eat hot dogs and similar scrumptious fair fare, and generally have a wholesome good time with family and friends.

Despite the presence of thousands upon thousands of guns, no one is harmed, in an environment far safer than some “bad parts of town.” Dastardly images of these family-friendly sporting events presented by the “news” media are less accurate than many of the other stories you routinely find in the media, which is why they call them “stories.”

Arizona gun shows are organized by a handful of gun-show promoters, who independently rent out space, solicit vendors, buy advertising, and then run the shows for two or three days over a weekend. In a remarkable exercise of bustling free enterprise, a virtual small town of merchants assembles on a day, conducts business with thousands of people, then packs up and goes home.

Great bargains are everywhere for clothing, nicknacks, antiques, novelties, toys, knives, glassware, jewelry, books, tools, optics, imported goods, shelf-stable foods, jerky, survival supplies, luggage and totes, training programs and more. You’ll find political literature—often with candidates attached—plus soap-box rhetoric, free advice and diatribes, often available nowhere else, which some free-speech advocates suspect helps fuel efforts to quash these assemblies of free people speaking their minds on politically sensitive subjects missing from mainstream news. And of course, there are fine firearms of every description, ammunition and parts, targets and accessories for the shooting sports.

Gun-show promoters post schedules of their shows on their websites. Nearly every weekend of the year there’s at least one show in the state, and sometimes three or more. Shows in rural areas tend to be smaller, that you can go though in an hour or two. The big city shows are huge affairs, some with more than 1,000 vendors present, and can take more than a day to visit completely. The biggest show in the state is the Crossroads/Small Arms Review at the Phoenix Fairgrounds just before Christmas, where you can see military vehicles, crew-fired weapons, armaments you might only otherwise see on TV, and some classic goods that cost more than a small house.



Crossroads of the West Gun Shows

Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities for over 35 years
The largest and best gun shows in the state.

Got an idea for a product or service that you think will sell? For less than a hundred dollars you can rent a table at Crossroads of the West and show your products or services to several thousand prospective customers. There is simply no easier or less expensive way to get your goods in front of so many prospective buyers. Call us at (801) 544-9125 for more information, or stop by the Exhibitor Desk at any show.
RESERVATIONS: We can take your reservation by phone, mail, or on our web site.
Office hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST
Phone: 801-544-9125
Fax: 801-546-2886
P.O. Box 290, Kaysville, UT 84037-0290



Check with them for schedules and locations

Arizona Arms Association 520-895-3245
Bullhead City Gun, Knife and Outdoor Sports Show 928-754-4121, 928-201-2333
Firing Pin Enterprises 928-485-0437
Gun Trader 928-684-2149
McMann’s Roadrunner 602-843-5303
Murphy’s Kingman Gun Show 928-753-2636, 208-410-0221
Western Collectibles and Firearms 928-486-2582, 928-772-4247
Yuma Territorial Gun Shows 928-783-9268, 928-920-0837



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