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Every state has an official organization which represents the National Rifle Association on the local or state level. The Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association is that organization for our state. We represent over 60,000 NRA members through our official NRA state matches, legislative issues, promotion of competition and sport shooting events, social and community events, and most importantly firearm safety and responsible use of firearms. Please peruse our pages, view our pictures, information, and content. We hope it will be a great experience. We urge you to join our 103 year old organization and become a family of well-informed citizens striving to keep our God given rights to possess and use firearms. Please contact us if you have any questions about our programs, beliefs, volunteer opportunities, or any other information needed. Contact to learn about our classes and other programs for the whole family.
6769 W. Remuda Drive Peoria AZ 6236874251



856 East Isabella Avenue Mesa AZ (480) 497-5141



Caswells has been training students in concealed carry since 1994 and has eight NRA-Certified firearms instructors on staff with over 30 years of firearms-training and law-enforcement experience, who are also certified by AZDPS to teach the official 8-hour Arizona Concealed Carry Course. Caswells also offers an "above and beyond" course -- our in-house 14-hour Concealed Carry Course that engages students in additional law and legal training with real-life examples, additional videos, and our Alpha X Interactive Shooting Simulator. Caswells features an indoor climate-controlled shooting range and full retail store. We are your "One Stop Shop" for all of your concealed carry and personal defense needs. Caswells also offers a full training curriculum from introduction to firearms to advanced tactical training.
856 East Isabella Avenue Mesa AZ (480) 497-5141



7975 Cameron Drive, #900 Windsor CA 1.800.987.7719



Attend a self defense gun training course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute's world-class firearms training facilities near Las Vegas, Nevada -- taught by seasoned and professional law enforcement, military, and private citizen instructors to levels that far exceed law enforcement and military standards, without any boot camp mentality or drill instructors attitudes. After your first self defense firearms training course at Front Sight you will leave with self defense firearms training skills that surpass 99% of the gun owning population! This is no exaggeration. Once you've completed your first Front Sight course you'll discover that you've become a self defense gun training expert among your peers! In fact, if your firearms training experience at Front Sight does not exceed your expectations, I will pay for your training. You have my personal gun training guarantee!
7975 Cameron Drive, #900 Windsor CA 1.800.987.7719



2900 W. Gunsite Rd. Paulden AZ (928) 636-4565



Gunsite offers firearms training to elite military personnel, law enforcement officers and free citizens of the US. We teach Marksmanship--how to hit what you aim at. However, Gunsite goes beyond this simple discipline to include theprinciples of gun-handling and mind-set. This we call the Combat Triad. We offer multiple levels of instruction in handgun, in carbine, in shotgun, in bolt-action rifle and precision rifle. Each discipline is informed by the Combat Triad. Each instructor at Gunsite has served in Law Enforcement, the military or both. Each Instructor is fully imbued with the doctrine and tradition of our school. Learn more about our facility at
2900 W. Gunsite Rd. Paulden AZ (928) 636-4565



14860 N. Northsight Blvd. Scottsdale AZ (602) 617-4504



Training with the Scottsdale Gun Club is one of the best decisions you can make toward bettering yourself in the shooting sports and improving your marksmanship skills. We have state-of-the-art Defensive Tactics Center for crystal-clear instruction for private lessons or group lessons. Our expert instructors are all certified professionals with extensive experience who can train individuals, families and even departments. Our spacious, comfortable facilities easily seat up to 50 students at a time. Scottsdale Gun Club is open to the public and available for private use as well as regularly scheduled classes from beginner to seriously advanced training. No size is too small or too large. The SGC Defensive Tactics Center is a respected training facility amongst civilians and professionals alike. Locker rooms and showers are connected to the DT Center and offer clean, private facilities for men and women to freshen up after a training session. Learn more.
14860 N. Northsight Blvd. Scottsdale AZ (602) 617-4504

Arizona Southwest Arms

Each of us has our favorites, hopefully safely in hand. With a little extra knowledge today’s quality guns can be kept in top working order for a long while. Our goal is to educate gun users beyond the traditional owner’s manuals, with a hands on “see and do” approach. As a certified Glock Armorer, we provide current and future Glock owners the opportunity to get to know their gun better, design and function, complete disassembly/reassembly, optional parts and troubleshooting.
11570 N. 90th Way Scottsdale AZ 480-314-9985


Certifications: NRA Training Counselor and Instructor in Pistol, Personal Protection, Rifle, Refuse to be a Victim and DPS certified; Senior Instructor at Phoenix-based Shooters World, President of AZWSA. --AWSA has for over a decade been teaching women the sport of shooting and self-defense. We teach women of all ages how to handle different types of firearms by having strong basic skills and an appropriate mind-set. Our AWSA instructors bring the education experience with a woman's touch. We recently introduced Krav Maga classes to our members and their families, along with our many other classes.
48412 North Black Canyon Highway #307 New River AZ (602) 571-3886

Armed Personal Defense

We teach AZCCW, Pistol, Rifle and NRA Instructor courses. We don't believe in "gun camp" type courses. We believe in "reality-based" training. We teach you what you need to know to be safe. We teach you how to shoot. We teach you how to handle yourself during a potentially violent encounter with a criminal. Most importantly, we also teach you how to avoid becoming a victim of violent crime. Our courses teach you what you need to know to survive real-world encounters and insure that you have the skill to use your firearm under the stress of combat. We offer training for all skill levels. If you are a beginner or an intermediate shooter, we can help you hone your fundamentals until they become automatic. If you are more advanced, we can teach you the most cutting edge tactics and techniques available anywhere. Not sure what course you need? Call us, we can help you decide. You will not find a better choice for quality firearms training in the Phoenix metro area, period.
28150 N. Alma School Pkwy, Suite 103-484 Scottsdale AZ 480-991-1300

Babes with Bullets

Babes with Bullets, a woman’s firearms training camp, was started in 2004. Babes with Bullets travels across the US offering three day programs to women who are novices in handling firearms or just starting to become involved in shooting sports. We have Smith & Wesson as our Foundation Sponsor. Besides financial backing, Smith & Wesson supplies all of our firearms so women can ‘try before they buy’. Each woman leaves the camp with a new life skill. Babes with Bullets has expanded from just handguns to include rifle and shotgun training. Training web-episodes taped at camps held across the US are available for viewing at . Items needed for camp, such as holsters, belts, ear and eye protection must be supplied by the trainee.
7850 N. Silverbell Road Suite 114-315 Tucson AZ (520) 333-2060


Bloomfield Press is every student's best friend: From gun rights to so-called "gun control," it’s all about the gun laws, and that's what we publish -- in plain English and word-for-word. State firearm laws, federal firearm laws, gun laws for traveling, self defense, tactics, strategy, gun safety, children, parents, from novice to advanced, you'll find it here at, in business since 1988. When you want training, start with a good book or video, our specialty. Wholesale discounts for trainers or students, plus gun politics and policies described in simple terms. We take the mystery out of the gun debate. "The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide" is the standard reference in the state, now in its 25th edition. Don't take chances, know your rights and responsibilities. "It doesn't make sense to own a gun and not know the rules." 602-996-4020. 1-800-707-4020. We welcome your business.
4848 E. CACTUS #505-440 Scottsdale AZ 602-996-4020

Certified Instructor Academy - Mike Abramovich

Are you ready to share your passion and expertise with others? Are you ready to become an NRA Certified Instructor? Read the testimonials on our website from others who have come through our Certified Instructor Academy. There are others who do what we do, but none who do it like we do. "Know Better Training" We are committed to your success, and will continue to help and mentor you long after the class is over. Certified Instruction & Training is a firearms safety and personal protection training organization. CIT was founded in 2002 to address the need for quality, foundation-level training for new firearms owners in the southwest valley. Our focus is to provide a safe, encouraging environment that will allow students to learn effective marksmanship and gun-handling skills whether you are a beginner or a skilled shooter. And now you can learn to teach others.
500 N Estrella Parkway 2B-266 Goodyear AZ 623-628-2196


--Marty Hargraves and William Simotti have been training students for the AZ CCW permit since 1994 when the law came into effect. We go above and beyond the bare minimum requirements of AZ Law. We have four Arizona DPS Authorized instructors with decades of training experience who teach the Arizona DPS CCW permit course. Our range is in Tombstone and classroom in Sierra Vista. We also provide Legal Issues classroom training to responsibly carry firearms without an AZ CCW permit.
Southeastern Arizona Tucson AZ (520) 678-0323 / (520) 266-2677

Firebase Academy

Firebase Academy was founded December 2004. Our mission is to impart superior skills of mental mindset, fundamentals of marksmanship, professional small-arms manipulation and the tactical skills necessary should one find his/herself in a deadly confrontation that was unavoidable. Our Staff is comprised of veteran law enforcement & military professionals who served as staff personnel at prestigious training organizations such as The American Pistol Institute...Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, Texas and The Central Training Academy for many years. Defensive small-arms programs are conducted in two & three day formats on our private facility. A detailed description of course content with other pertinent information can be located on our All Firebase Academy courses can be presented at your personal location/range should that consideration be required. Superior Defensive Small-Arms Skills...for those in need of them...Firebase Academy 928-636-4664 Paulden, AZ 86334
2350 West Gunsite Rd. Paulden Arizona 928-636-4664

Independence Training

Independence Training was created to enhance emergency response skills in every willing citizen. Our ethos is Confidence, Self-Reliance, and American Spirit – and they are more than just words, they are at the center of our training. We offer firearms instruction, emergency medical training, youth safety education, and outdoor survival classes. Each member of our instructor team is not chosen solely on their background and experience, but rather their ability to translate that background and experience into a teachable skill that can be effectively presented to students regardless of their age or current ability. Every course at Independence Training is based on realistic techniques that are useful in everyday life. We’re here to educate, not entertain, though what we do is fun so you’re likely to have a great time! With training locations all over Arizona, we’re sure to have a class near you. You can also schedule a private individual or group event – contact us for more information!
State Highway 69 Prescott Valley AZ 520-831-3683


Certifications: Israeli Defense Force-Assault Firearms Instructor; Range Master - Israeli National Police - Counter Terrorism Instructor; Firearms Instructor - NRA Pistol Instructor, Member of ASRPA, NRA, International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. --We specialize in Israeli defensive tactics (firearms and Krav Maga) both the training method and combat mindset. "Tactical" sounds impressive, but we teach practical and advanced, to civilians and law enforcement, with class modules emphasizing how to utilize firearms and empty hands, with the willingness to survive and win. ICS also provides security assessments and consultation. D's background is a mix of operational assignments and as instructor with elite units within the Israeli military and the law enforcement community. "Train as if your life depends on it."
PO Box 31308 Phoenix AZ (602) 421-4645

LADIES DAY LLC, Linda M. Gilbertson

NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, USPSA Certified Chief Range Officer. Instructor is former Trooper with the Oregon State Police and Special Agent with the U.S. Treasury Department. LADIES DAY is an 8 hour class in either Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle Familiarization. Conducted on an 80 acre Ranch in the White Mountains, two outdoor ranges accommodate both disciplines comfortably. LADIES DAY is for LADIES ONLY. Five women are in the pistol class and only three women are in the rifle class. This allows for one-to-one attention from the instructor. Excape from the heat of the summer to the coolness of the mountains. Now available, instruction at the new indoor range in Lakeside called THE HUB. Check out website for schedules and prices. Price includes all materials and use of instructor's guns and ammo.
45 Caliber Rd./P.O. Box 268 Concho Arizona 928-521-4821

Manning Firearms Training and Tactics LLC

Manning Firearms Training and Tactics LLC provides NRA basic and Instructor training for all NRA disciplines. We also conduct AZ CCW courses with a primary focus on the law, Arizona Unarmed and Armed Guard Training. Other classes are offered at the customer request such as safety classes for youth. Manning Firearms Training and Tactics LLC is an official SIMUNITIONS Range Program Provider. This is BEST live force on force training you can get without being in a real gunfight. If you do not see the training you need or would like please contact us and we may be able to develop a course to fit your training needs. LEOSA Qualifications are conduct on a request basis. Please note that Manning Firearms Training and Tactics LLC is NOT A RETAIL store. We are only open for scheduled classes
3830 S. Shiela Ave Tucson Arizona 520-578-0464

ROSADO LEGALSHIELD Independent associate

You are in a situation where your life or a loved one's life was in danger and you stop the perpetrator. You do not have time to read the book "After you Shoot". What do you say to 911, or to the police? What if you get a traffic ticket and you believe you were right? From real estate to divorce advice, speeding tickets to will preparation and more our attorneys will help with any matter–no matter how trivial or traumatic it may seem. For as little as $17.00 a month, you can have a lawyer on retainer 24/7 to help you through this. What if your identity is stolen and you are now facing eviction, what do you do? For as little as $9.95 additional per month, you will have a whole team to work with you to restore your credit. Premium plans are also available. Click my link to learn the full story and purchase nationwide legal protection for you and your family. Call me with any questions, 623-229-3373
5204 W Molly Lane Phoenix Arizona 623-229-3373


Certifications: AZ DPS for CCW, All NRA disciplines (Benefactor Member) . --SHOTS Ranch is a privately owned training facility dedicated to providing solutions for real world problems. By providing training experts for a variety of skill levels, SHOTS Ranch emphasizes reinforcement of proven skills and techniques to a wide spectrum of private citizens, military, law enforcement and private contractors. Jeff has taught several thousand people to qualify for the Arizona Concealed Carry Permit. Located on over 600 acres in secluded rural area, 35 miles east of Kingman.
Phoenix AZ (928) 772-4781


Certifications: AZ DPS for CCW and Armed Security Guard Training, NRA-Certified Instructor & Range Safety Officer, Certified Crime Prevention Through Environmental Designer (CPTED), Gunsite Graduate. --We specialize in training those who may be new to the idea of self-defense and new to firearms. We're experienced, professional and insured. Our individualized approach caters to your specific needs and schedule. It's personal and confidential. And it's offered in a professional office setting for those who may be uncomfortable with other retail gun store options. Our courses are designed to help you be confident, prepared and a victor -- not a victim.
4530 North 40th Street , Suite C Phoenix AZ (602) 957-2702


Certifications: DPS Certified Firearms Instructor, AZ POST Instructor, Nationally Certified Hostage Negotiator, former Phoenix Police Officer. --Six O'Clock High LLC teaches the PAD principle, Prepare, Avoid, Defend. Our instructors are highly trained in dealing with critical incident containment, we can teach you how to avoid, contain or stop a threat. We have a variety of classes -- Constitutional Carry, CCW, "SpeakSoftly" (family/Group safety seminar), Handgun 101 and more. If you want to learn how to get from one safe place to another, check out our classes. FFL licensed, accepts firearm transfers.
3437 East Minnezona Ave Phoenix AZ (602) 381-8177


Certifications: NRA Basic, Personal Protection, DPS certified CCW Instructor. --Co-founder of Arizona Citizens Defense League, Arizona's premeir self defense civil rights org; Host, Liberty Watch, and America Armed & Free -- Southern Arizona's only firearms related radio programs, featuring topics with a muzzle, a nozzle, or a blade, from gun manufacturers to military history. Listen here. You do not need to own a gun to take my class. You can even do your qualification witha supressed firearm!
Street Tucson AZ (520) 870-2700


Certifications: NRA, Chuck Taylor Certified in Defensive Handgun, Combat Rifle/Shotgun & SMG. --What happens when balanced body mechanics and the fundamentals of martial arts are applied to shooting? It's simple. We teach a more comfortable way to shoot well that makes it easier to hit your target. Two obvious benefits are unmatched Recoil Management and accurate HipShoot for reliable self-defense. Learn the secret to safe, accurate, rapid-fire shooting skills for life. Our new book, Martial Art of the Gun, explains all. See free Videos on our website.
P.O. Box 11582 Chandler AZ (480) 802-0346

Velocity Firearm Safety Training, LLC

Velocity Firearm Safety Training, LLC, in Phoenix, Specializes In Providing Official NRA Training and Certification of the Proper Knowledge, Skills and Attitude for ​Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home. Spencer Anglin is an NRA Certified Pistol & Personal Safety Instructor and a graduate of Gunsite Academy. Spencer offers to provide an invaluable Personal Safety Seminar at a very reasonable cost. Most real estate professionals and the like choose to attend this seminar several times a year in order to keep the mental fundamentals of personal defense fresh in their minds. The focus of this safety seminar is not technique (martial arts, boxing, the pistol) but rather the proper mental awareness and mindset necessary to avoid or survive a violent confrontation regardless of which self-defense technique an individual may chose. Contact Spencer ​at 602-705-6293 about providing this personal safety seminar at your business or venue or an NRA certified firearms training course.
15300 N 90th Street, #900 Scottsdale AZ 602-705-6293


--Teaching the skills of liberty with the tools of freedom! Unique, instinctual, cutting edge, handgun, rifle and shotgun tactical training for America's military, police and citizenry. Special Forces shooting skills that actually work best in the stress of combat! Courses include advanced gunfighter, military/government redeployment and hostile environ courses, Beginner to advanced handgun, rifle and shotgun, CCW permit, Home and car defense. Special kids and ladies firearms training. New gun-owner classes. Ongoing handgun martial arts classes. Founder Jeff Prather.
4500 East Speedway, Suite 56 , 8987 East Tanque Verde, # 309-245 Tucson AZ (520) 241-7690

10 Ring Sports

7492 S. Climbing Ivy Dr. Tucson AZ (602) 617-4504

2A Training

10877 N 109th Way Scottsdale AZ (480) 860-5798

A Touch Of The Past

8234 E. Kilarea Ave. Mesa AZ 480-357-8550

A.J.I. Sporting Goods

10444 E. Apache Trail Apache Junction AZ (623) 694-0377

Aaron Merchant, Merchant Firearms

Phoenix AZ (602) 526-6796

Active Self Protection

4044 W Black Canyon Blvd Phoenix Arizona 6029991974

Adair Park Range

4760 S. Highway 95 Yuma AZ 928-726-0022

Aims Arizona Indoor Marksman

2183 McCulloch Blvd. N., #101 Lake Havasu City AZ 928-680-4000

All Safe Security

532 E. 11th St. Douglas AZ (623) 694-0377

Allen Nichols, Fred Mastison, Force Options USA

Phoenix AZ (602) 617-4504

American Gun Rights - Arizona

2743 E Rockledge Rd Phoenix AZ 6025384595!/AGRArizona

American Guns & Ammo

4026 E. Main St., #103 Mesa AZ (623) 694-0377

American Investigations and Training Consultants

2084 E. Hardy Ln. Camp Verde AZ 928-592-8778 http://none

Ammo Place

9855 Rosewood Dr. Flagstaff AZ (623) 694-0377

Apex Arms

2176 McCulloch Blvd. #6 Lake Havasu City AZ 928-855-5971

Archery Headquarters

6401 W. Chandler Blvd. Chandler AZ 480-940-1814

Arizona Armament Tucson AZ (623) 694-0377

Arizona Firearms and Collectibles

1315 W. University Rd. Tempe AZ (623) 694-0377

Arizona Gun Emporium

3682 W. Orange Grove Tucson AZ (623) 694-0377

Arizona Gun Exchange

6055 E. Southern Ave., #102 Mesa AZ (623) 694-0377

Arizona Gun Runners

P.O. Box 350 Pine AZ (623) 694-0377

Arizona Gun Teacher

Mesa AZ (480) 924-1551

Arizona Home Defense

3217 E. Shea Blvd #3 Phoenix AZ 602-795-0796

Arizona Institute for Safe Firearm Handling

17233 N. 60th Pl. Scottsdale AZ 480-905-1188

Arizona On Target, On Trigger

P.O. BOX 383 Sedona AZ 928-451-1697 http://AZ on Target on Trigger

Arizona Personal Defense

1003 W. Pisces Dr. Tempe AZ 602-435-4176

Arizona Response Systems

16014 W. Remuda Dr. Surprise AZ (623) 694-0377

Arizona Safety and Security Institute

Tempe AZ (602) 754-0964 / (480) 204-4960

Arizona Safety Training / Medic First Aid

P.O. Box 6309 Amado AZ 520-548-0223


PO Box 6309 Amado ARIZONA 520 548-0223

Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute

PO Box 30171 Phoenix AZ 602-427-7543

Arizona Weaponcraft Solutions

500 N. Estrella Pkwy. # B2-267 Goodyear AZ 623-249-5978

Armed Defense Instruction

NA Buckeye Arizona 602-753-7629

Armory on Pima

5118 E. Pima St. Tucson AZ (623) 694-0377

Arrow Arms

15410 N. 67th Ave., #8 Glendale AZ (623) 694-0377

AZ Firearms

215 E. Western Ave. Avondale AZ (623) 694-0377

Bass Pro Shops

1133 N. Dobson Rd. Mesa AZ 602-606-5600

Bass Tackle Master

362 London Bridge Road Lake Havasu City AZ (623) 694-0377

Bear Arms

10269 N. Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale AZ (623) 694-0377

Bear Mountain Sports

899 E. Southern Ave. Mesa AZ (623) 694-0377

Ben Avery Clay Busters

PO Box 72988 P AZ (602) 571-4055

Ben Avery Shooting Facility

4044 W. Black Canyon Blvd. Phoenix AZ 623-582-4557

Birdbusters of Payson

1106 N. Ponderosa Circle Payson AZ 602-474-2375

Black Weapons Armory

5023 E. 5th St. Tucson AZ (623) 694-0377

Black Wolf Weapons and Training

2239 East Sandra Terrace Phoenix AZ (682) 587-9653

Bob (De-Nay) Denis, CEO, CCW AZ School, LLC

Phoenix AZ (480) 275-6995

Bob Leitzman, Scott Loomis, Tucson Guns and Western Artifacts

Tucson AZ (520) 722-6886

Bouse Shooting Range

Range Star Route 72 @ MP 29.5 Parker AZ 800-293-6141

British American Holdings LLC

1695 Mesquite Ave., #100 Lake Havasu City AZ (623) 694-0377

Bruno Sport Shooters

21628 N. Central Ave., #4 Phoenix AZ (623) 694-0377

Bucky O’Neill Guns LLC

122 Grove Ave. Prescott AZ (623) 694-0377

Buck’s Guns and Ammo

104 W. Second St. Casa Grande AZ (623) 694-0377

C of C

609 E. Eckles Payson Az 928 472 6780

C&S Firearms

38493 N. Reynosa Dr. San Tan Valley AZ (623) 694-0377

C&T Enterprises Inc

2100 N. Wilmot Rd., #205 Tucson AZ (623) 694-0377

C. D. Tavares, Liberty Haven Ranch

PO Box 400 Morristown AZ (623) 640-7883

C2 Tactical

8475 S. Emerald Dr. Tempe AZ 480-588-8802

C3 Arms

15610 N. 35th Ave. Suite 3 Phoenix AZ (623) 694-0377


9380 W. Glendale Ave. Glendale AZ (623) 694-0377

Cactus Tactical

15681 N. Cave Creek Rd. Phoenix AZ (623) 694-0377

Casa Grande Trap Club

8015 S. Isom Rd. Casa Grande AZ 520-836-9926

Cash Box

2014 S. Craycroft Rd. Tucson AZ (623) 694-0377

Caswells Indoor Shooting Range

856 E. Isabella Ave. Mesa AZ 480-497-5141

Central Arizona Target Shooter

12122 S. Toltec Buttes Rd. Eloy AZ 520-251-2024

Cherry Creek Lodge

Forest Service Rd 54A Young AZ 602-388-8832

Circle the Wagons Training

7629 E. Pasadena Ave, Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale Arizona 480-699-4246

Cochise Sports & Recreation, LLC

5388 E Ricks Road Willcox AZ 520-824-2299

Code 4 LLC

P.O. Box 3234 Flagstaff AZ 928-699-1065

Concealed Az

135 N Center St #4172 AZ Mesa 602-633-5833

Concealed Comfort

3370 N. Hayden Rd., #123 Scottsdale AZ (623) 694-0377

Coolidge Shooting Range

8470 N. Overfield Rd. Coolidge AZ 520-426-4313
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