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State Highway 69

Prescott Valley, AZ

Independence Training was created to enhance emergency response skills in every willing citizen. Our ethos is Confidence, Self-Reliance, and American Spirit – and they are more than just words, they are at the center of our training. We offer firearms instruction, emergency medical training, youth safety education, and outdoor survival classes.

Each member of our instructor team is not chosen solely on their background and experience, but rather their ability to translate that background and experience into a teachable skill that can be effectively presented to students regardless of their age or current ability.

Every course at Independence Training is based on realistic techniques that are useful in everyday life. We’re here to educate, not entertain, though what we do is fun so you’re likely to have a great time! With training locations all over Arizona, we’re sure to have a class near you. You can also schedule a private individual or group event – contact us for more information!

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