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Velocity Firearm Safety Training, LLC, in Phoenix, Specializes In Providing Official NRA Training and Certification of the Proper Knowledge, Skills and Attitude for ​Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home.

Spencer Anglin is an NRA Certified Pistol & Personal Safety Instructor and a graduate of Gunsite Academy. Spencer offers to provide an invaluable Personal Safety Seminar at a very reasonable cost. Most real estate professionals and the like choose to attend this seminar several times a year in order to keep the mental fundamentals of personal defense fresh in their minds. The focus of this safety seminar is not technique (martial arts, boxing, the pistol) but rather the proper mental awareness and mindset necessary to avoid or survive a violent confrontation regardless of which self-defense technique an individual may chose. Contact Spencer ​at 602-705-6293 about providing this personal safety seminar at your business or venue or an NRA certified firearms training course.

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