The TrainMeAZ Billboard Campaign

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The TrainMeAZ campaign is erecting billboards around the state to get the word out — now that government doesn’t force you to take a class in order to exercise your rights, it makes sense to take classes voluntarily. Support local trainers and ranges, and enjoy the wholesome family exercise of sport shooting, the #2 participant sport in the nation.

We would eventually like to see everyone in Arizona well trained and safe. Visitors are especially welcome to partake of this traditional American pastime, which may not be as readily available in your state as it is here.

Click here for TRAINING opportunities.
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Messages like these have been posted around the state.
Arizona welcomes visitors to the gun-friendliest state and
encourages all Americans to become good marksmen and
learn safe gun handling and enjoy the shooting sports for
all the right reasons. Cities and local roads have been posted
as well as interstate highways, in an ongoing campaign.

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Download PDFs of our billboards (click on the images):

Arizona Says: Marksmanship Matters
Arizona Says: Learn to Shoot Straight

Arizona Says: Educate Your Children

Billboards and illuminated bus-stop signs were scheduled and began appearing in mid-October 2010. The Phase One rollout achieved about one million impressions per day. The initial Bulletin Billboard (14 x 48 feet) was set for I-17 on the east side of the highway, facing southbound traffic at Peoria Ave., with 135,000 impressions daily. 50 bus shelters at an average of 17.1K impressions per day were scattered around the Phoenix metro area, beginning Oct. 11, 2010.

Initial locations of the 50 Bus Stop Ads

Westbound Shea Blvd., just west of Tatum Blvd., one of 50 spots!
FLASH: This is one of 50 locations torn down by the city of Phoenix.

Illuminated at night, beautifully visible during the day, all 50 of our bus shelter billboards were torn down by the city of Phoenix, leading to a free-speech lawsuit led by the Goldwater Institute, now in its second year.

This image (on left) is optimized for web display

Several paragraphs of text are included in the posted bus-stop art (approx. 6 feet by 4 feet in size, see images above and below) to give people waiting for transit something to read. The text is essentially the same as posted at the bottom of the TrainMeAZ home page.

Although the text around the heart seems small below, it is fairly large (about 28 pt.) on the actual displays. We all liked the drama of this black and red image, but the experts were correct when they pointed out that the translucence of a white background was far better at night, and even in daytime when shadows can obscure visibility.





















Click the image to download a high-rez pdf file of the actual art.

You can use the high rez file to reproduce posters for your own non-commercial display. Support the TrainMeAZ campaign!

NEWS FLASH — 10/21/10
These bus-stop billboards have been banned by the city of Phoenix, acting apparently without clear written guidelines or due legal process. Without notice, all 50 bus-stop ads (the last image on this page) have been removed from public view. This is a developing story.

Read our news release, now posted around the Internet. WorldNetDaily columnist Jeff Knox gets it right — More details as they arrive.

The lawsuit threw us into a tailspin and put the TrainMeAZ program on hold. While the legal issues are sorted out we are in a holding pattern, with financial resources in the bank, printed bus-shelter posters sitting idle in a warehouse, and our Contributing Sponsors waiting while we decide on our next move. We are currently revamping the website and planning the rollout of Phase II of TrainMeAZ. Stay tuned. Sign up on our home page for email news when it breaks, and thanks for your support and patience.

America will return to its culture of marksmanship and a tradition of firearm ownership that helped define this nation’s exceptionalism and Arizona will help lead the way.

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