Packed Press Conference Announces New Law and TrainMeAZ
– Sen. Russell Pearce praises civil-rights effort, hounded about immigration bill
– Major Bill Of Rights advance takes back seat to criminal immigration enforcement
– Stats on the scope of the industry nationally

Contact: Alan Korwin, Manager,,  602-996-4020
July 28, 2010

Dateline PHOENIX — An overcrowded Senate Meeting Room at the Arizona State Capitol on July 28, 2010, heard Sen. Russell Pearce discuss the values of the state’s new Constitutional Carry law, and the TrainMeAz campaign designed to teach proper gun ownership, possession and use to the entire state.

Arizona Senate meeting room was packed for the SB 1108 legislative announcement (eight camera crews in back of room not visible in this image); at the podium Sen. Russell Pearce, author of SB 1108 and Chair, Appropriations Committee, Sen. Chuck Gray, Majority Leader, Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. David Gowan, Vice-Chair, Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee, and Bloomfield Press publisher Alan Korwin, architect of the TrainMeAZ Campaign. Photos by Kevin Creighton.

Pearce called Arizona the number one state for protection and exercise of Second Amendment rights, referring to the new Constitutional Carry law that eliminates government interference with the right to keep and bear arms, and by implication our new Defensive Display protection, Castle Doctrine inside and outside the home, strict statewide preemption, the Firearm Freedom Act, strong Burden of Proof that favors the innocent, ban on civil suits by criminals, even the nation’s first knife preemption law that protects edged weapons and pocket knives.

As soon as Pearce concluded his comments on SB1108 concerning guns, and left to attend to other business, reporters literally stampeded out of the room in an act of pack-media groupthink, to corner the Senator on his immigration law, which had just endured a court test.

The remaining speakers at the podium, assembled for the most significant state-level Bill-of-Rights development in recent history, stood in shocked disbelief as a giant sucking sound emptied the room. Reporters and camera crews had no intention of covering Pearce’s conference — they were there for one agenda and one agenda only — the fabricated racism they have injected onto a law designed to stem an alien invasion of the state. It was a stunning experience, and pulled the rug out from under the pro-rights supporters in Senate meeting room #3. We continued to a tiny smattering of people who didn’t abandon the conference, mostly TrainMeAZ supporters and a lone video cameraman.

“Now that any decent adult in the state can bear arms discreetly, training should become as routine here as corn flakes,” said Alan Korwin, an architect of the unique program. “We want to bring back the joy and righteous pursuit of marksmanship that used to be a hallmark of The American Way,” he said. “We need to replace ignorance with education, change fear into empowerment, and bring honor and respect to grand traditions that have made this the most exceptional society the world has ever known.”

Unfortunately, anti-rights bigotry and people who detest those American values have done grievous harm to our traditions and core values.

The shooting sports are the Number 2 participant sport in the nation.* So why have you heard everything there is to know about golf, which is only number three, and you’ve never even seen or heard the phrase shooting sports in broadcasts or in print in the “news”? That is a searing and self-evident testament to the utter bias and distortion perpetrated on the public by a prejudiced “news” media that runs an anti-rights (and anti-right?) agenda instead of reporting.

Reporters and editors who perpetrate this fraud on the nation (like the ones who ran out of the room and the editors who assigned them) are propagandists in every sense, and have become one of the worst enemies that freedom and America itself faces. They willingly and even gleefully promote every criminal misuse of a firearm they can find.

Then they deliberately suppress news of lives saved, criminals dispatched, innocents protected by privately owned firearms and laws that defend the constitutional right to arms. The amount of golf silliness they feed you, compared to their complete blackout on shooting sports and the good that guns do, reveals their detestable bias against our noble tradition of arms and The American Way.

According to leading experts, many of the people who discriminate against this portion of the Bill of Rights suffer from a medical condition called hoplophobia, a debilitating morbid fear of weapons. It’s easy to be angry with them, but what they really need is medical attention, and they deserve pity. It’s not their fault that they’re sick, or that medical science has done little to help them, and most sufferers are in complete denial about their condition. They think hating guns is a good thing. They no longer realize it’s not good to hate.

Allowing hoplophobes to be involved in setting Second Amendment policy is like assigning people afraid of water to be lifeguards — they’d never let anyone swim! The main treatment for hoplophobia is the psychological process known as desensitization, the same methodology used for people with fear of spiders, open spaces or heights. You introduce the afflicted person to their fear, one very small step at a time, and they eventually overcome the terror if they’re lucky.

Gun owners everywhere have witnessed this phenomenon when they take a novice to a shooting range for the first time. The doubts, trepidations, wondering, and even abject fear often melts away as the individual learns they can do this, it’s safe, it’s enjoyable, they’re competent, and they no longer have need for the fear. If they hit a bullseye they get ecstatic! It’s a beautiful thing, watching a person come out of that horrific shell of self doubt, and stand on their own two feet.

This is why gun owners should always make an effort to take newcomers shooting. It’s totally rewarding, defends our rights like little else can, and helps fellow human beings overcome that which holds them back.

A main operating principle behind TrainMeAz is to get the entire public on the bandwagon and out to the range. What a marvelous state that would make us, the envy of the nation and the free world. Make it so.

Constitutional Carry (also called Freedom To Carry or Vermont-style carry), brings our state statutes into compliance with our state Constitution, which says: “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain, or employ an armed body of men.”

*According to National Sporting Goods Association 2008 data, the top 7 consumer purchase categories were:
    Exercise Equipment Total:                         $5,307,822,000.00
    Hunting & Firearms Equipment Total:         $4,584,004,000.00
    Golf Equipment Total:                               $3,545,584,000.00
    Fishing Tackle Total:                                 $2,104,829,000.00
    Bicycling Equipment Total:                        $1,843,121,000.00
    Camping Equipment Total:                        $1,460,397,000.00
    Optics Total:                                            $1,023,756,000.00

Thanks to the National Shooting Sports Foundation for finding and providing this research, saving me time, and giving you much needed facts to counter the balderdash you get daily from the “news” media.


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