856 East Isabella Avenue, Mesa, Arizona 85204  Caswells has been training students in concealed carry since 1994 and has eight NRA-Certified firearms instructors on staff with over 30 years of firearms-training and law-enforcement experience, who are also certified by AZDPS …

2900 W. Gunsite Rd., Paulden, Arizona 86334  Gunsite offers firearms training to elite military personnel, law enforcement officers and free citizens of the US. We teach Marksmanship–how to hit what you aim at. However, Gunsite goes beyond this simple discipline …

Carol Ruh 48412 N. Black Canyon Highway #307, New River, Arizona 85087 (602) 571-3886 hungariandevil2000@yahoo.com www.azwsa.com Certifications: NRA Training Counselor and Instructor in Pistol, Personal Protection, Rifle, Refuse to be a Victim and DPS certified; Senior Instructor at Phoenix-based Shooters World, President of …

Dave Kopp P.O. Box 11446, Glendale, Arizona 85318 (623) 670-3516 info@csdtccw.com www.csdtccw.com Certifications: NRA Basic Pistol, Personal Protection, AZ DPS CCW, FrontSight Distinguished Graduate. Mr. Kopp is a co-founder of and registered lobbyist for the Arizona Citizens Defense League. He has an insider’s …

Excel Firearms Training Center LLC

Marty Hargraves / William Simotti Sierra Vista, Arizona (520) 678-0323 / (520) 266-2677 excelftc@superquality.com  www.superquality.com Marty Hargraves and William Simotti have been training students for the AZ CCW permit since 1994 when the law came into effect. We go above and beyond the bare …


Israeli Combat Systems LLC

Doron “D” Doravi PO Box 31308 , Phoenix , Arizona 85046 (602) 421-4645 d@israelicombatsystemsus.net  www.ics-us.net Certifications: Israeli Defense Force-Assault Firearms Instructor; Range Master – Israeli National Police – Counter Terrorism Instructor; Firearms Instructor – NRA Pistol Instructor, Member of ASRPA, NRA, International Association …


Ladies Day

Linda M. Gilbertson Show Low, Arizona (928) 521-4821 Lindapeo@wildblue.net Certifications: NRA Certified Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor, USPSA Certified Chief Range Officer. A competitive shooter in rifle and pistol, former Trooper with Oregon State Police and a U.S Treasury Special Agent, Ms. …


Secure Environments LLC

Jeffrey G. Landtiser, Aia Cpted 4530 N. 40th Street Suite C, Phoenix, Arizona 85018 (602) 957-2702  info@secureenvironmentsllc.com www.secureenvironmentsllc.com  Certifications: AZ DPS for CCW and Armed Security Guard Training, NRA-Certified Instructor & Range Safety Officer, Certified Crime Prevention Through Environmental Designer (CPTED), Gunsite …


S.H.O.T.S. Sports Ranch LLC

Jeff Jolly Arizona (928) 772-4781 jefferyj@shotsranch.com www.shotsranch.com Certifications: AZ DPS for CCW, All NRA disciplines (Benefactor Member).SHOTS Ranch is a privately owned training facility dedicated to providing solutions for real world problems. By providing training experts for a variety of skill levels, SHOTS Ranch …


Six O`clock High LLC

Joe & Terri Prawdzik 3437 E. Minnezona Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85018 (602) 381-8177 sixohigh@msn.com www.sixohigh.com Certifications: DPS Certified Firearms Instructor, AZ POST Instructor, Nationally Certified Hostage Negotiator, former Phoenix Police Officer. Six O’Clock High LLC teaches the PAD principle, Prepare, Avoid, Defend. …


Success Academy

Charles Heller Tucson, Arizona 85701 (520) 870-2700 charles@libertywatchradio.com www.libertywatchradio.com  Certifications: NRA Basic, Personal Protection, DPS certified CCW Instructor.Co-founder of Arizona Citizens Defense League, Arizona’s premier self defense civil rights org; Host, Liberty Watch, and America Armed & Free — Southern Arizona’s only …


Turnipseed Technique, Inc.

Kent Turnipseed P.O. Box 11582 , Chandler , Arizona 85248 (480) 802-0346 alan@quickshoot.com www.turnipseedtechnique.com  Certifications: NRA, Chuck Taylor Certified in Defensive Handgun, Combat Rifle/Shotgun & SMG. What happens when balanced body mechanics and the fundamentals of martial arts are applied to shooting? …


Babes with Bullets

Deb Ferns Babes with Bullets  Phone: 520-572-9183  City: Tucson  Email: Deb@BabeswithBullets.com  Website: www.babeswithbullets.com 


Banner Tactical LLC

E. Paul Whetten Banner Tactical LLC  Phone: 480-392-9192  City: Phoenix  Email: paul@bannertactical.net  Website: www.bannertactical.net 


Blackwolf Defense

John Hansen Blackwolf Defense  Phone: 623-694-0377  City: Goodyear  Email: blackwolfccw@yahoo.com  Website: www.defensiveshotplacement.com 


CCW AZ School, LLC

Bob (De-Nay) Denis CCW AZ School, LLC  Phone: 480-275-6995  City: Phoenix  Email: bob@ccwazschool.com  Website: www.ccwazschool.com 


Copperstate Defense Institute

Noble C. Hathaway Copperstate Defense Institute  Phone: 817-740-4700  City: Phoenix  Email: nhathaway@cox.net  Website: www.copdefense.com 


Defense U., LLC

Jon & Kathy Fory Defense U., LLC  Phone: 520-260-0820  City: Green Valley  Email: DefenseU@cox.net 


Defensive Tactical Firearms Training

Phone: 480-735-8409  City: Phoenix  Email: Defensivetacticalaz@gmail.com  Website: www.azgunschool.com 


Defensive Use of Firearms, LLC

Stephen P. Wenger Defensive Use of Firearms, LLC  Phone: 928-242-2098  City: Show Low  Email: spwenger@spw-duf.info  Website: www.spw-duf.info 


F.A.S.T. Firearms Simulation Training

Phone: 602-451-0332  City: Phoenix  Email: sgp@fast-az.com  Website: www.fast-az.com 


Firearms Mastery Institute

Phone: 520-822-6789  City: Tucson  Email: Matt@firearmsmastery.com  Website: www.firearmsmastery.com 


Force Options USA

Fred Mastison Force Options USA  Phone: 602-617-4504  City: Phoenix  Email: allennichols@cox.net  Website: www.forceoptionsusa.com 


FreedomWorks USA

Dian Valencic FreedomWorks USA  Phone: 888-238-3465  City: Wickenburg  Email: dian@freedomworksusa.us  Website: www.freedomworksusa.us 


Generations Firearms Training

Jim Neff Generations Firearm Training LLC  Phone: 480-794-0424  City: Phoenix  Email: jim@generationsfirearm.com  Website: www.generationsfirearm.com 


Glendale Community College

Jerry McCown Glendale Community College  Phone: 623-845-3831  City: Phoenix  Email: jerry.mccown@gcmail.maricopa.edu  Website: Webgccgunsafety.com 


Independence Firearms Training

Glen Stilson Independence Firearms Training  Phone: 520-831-3683  City: Prescott Valley  Email: Glen@IndependenceTraining.com  Website: IndependenceTraining.com 


K-Force Vanguard

Shane F. Krauser K-Force Vanguard, LLC Phone: 480-347-8969 City: Phoenix Email: info@KForceVanguard.com Website: www.kforcevanguard.com


Liberty Haven Ranch

C. D. Tavares Liberty Haven Ranch  Phone: (623) 640-7883  City: Morristown  Email: guninstructor@libertyhaven.com  Website: libertyhaven.com 


Maldow, Inc.

Phone: (623) 363-6539  City: Phoenix  Email: jpdbltap@gmail.com 


Marauders Tactical Training

Phone: (602) 368-3656  City: Tempe  Email: MTTStaff@gmail.com  Website: www.marauders.us 


Merchant Firearms

Aaron Merchant Merchant Firearms  Phone: (602) 526-6796  City: Phoenix  Email: MerchantFirearms@aol.com 


MK Tactical

Phone: (602) 717-3556  City: Casa Grande  Email: udaman@mktactical.us  Website: www.mktactical.us 


Peterson Personal Protection LLC

Richard Peterson Peterson Personal Protection LLC  Phone: (520) 508-3461  City: St. David  petersonpersonalprotection@gmail.com 


Self Defense Solutions LLC

Dennis Jackson  Self Defense Solutions LLC  Phone: 480-203-0848  City: Mesa  Email: handgunsafety@gmail.com  Website: Right2Survive.com 


Shoot Right

Rob Potter Shoot Right  Phone: (602) 288-5324  City: Phoenix  Email: Info@shootrightaz.org  Website: shootrightaz.org 


Tactical Firearms Training, LLC

John Webster Tactical Firearms Training, LLC  Phone: (480) 371-7000  City: Phoenix  Email: contact@arizonaconcealed.com  Website: www.ArizonaConcealed.com 


Tactical-Advantage of Arizona L.L.C.

Bernard Palazzolo Tactical-Advantage of Arizona L.L.C.  Phone: (520) 429-0593  City: Tucson  Email: Info@Tactical-Aadvantage.org  Website: www.Tactical-Advantage.org 


TacTrain Skill at Arms Development

George Dean TacTrain Skill at Arms Development  Phone: (623) 694-4901  City: Phoenix  Email: george@tactrain.net  Website: www.tactrain.net 


Tucson Guns and Western Artifacts

Bob Leitzman Tucson Guns and Western Artifacts  Phone: (520) 722-6886  City: Tucson  Email: tucsonguns@aol.com  Website: www.tucsonguns.net 


West Valley GLOCK Armorer and Instructor

Phil Lee West Valley GLOCK Armorer and Instructor   Phone: (623) 261-8818  City: Phoenix  Email: mabuhay59@ms.com 


Women Training Women

Debi C. Ford Women Training Women  Phone: (602) 550-1465  City: Glendale  Email: d2ford@cox.net 


Sprague’s Sports, Inc.

City: Yuma Email: guns@spragues.com Website: www.spragues.com