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July 29, 2010


Arizona Sets New National Standard
Industry Group Bands Together To Promote Training
TrainMeAZ is born

by Alan Korwin

Arizona, which has single-handedly rocked the national dialog on the immigration debate, has done it again — this time for guns.

On the same day that portions of Arizona’s controversial immigration bill SB1070 took effect, July 29, 2010, the Grand Canyon state implemented its new Constitutional Carry law.

Under this groundbreaking new act (SB1108), any law-abiding adult in the state — not just residents — can carry a firearm discreetly without a government permit or red tape.

A statewide billboard and advertising campaign launches this summer, promoting marksmanship, firearm training and responsible legal gun use for every person in Arizona.

Arizona is rekindling the idea of a nation of marksmen.

Arizonans have been free to carry firearms in a visible holster, without government approval, since statehood in 1912. “Discreet carry” advances personal freedom, though critics fear the increase in rights will lead to an increase in crime.

That deep-seated fear has accompanied every advance in the right to keep and bear arms — from CCW-permit carry that swept the nation, to repeal of many so-called gun-free zones, such as the National Parks — and has proven false every time.

“Laws that ban decent citizens from keeping or bearing arms are unconstitutional and an affront to basic human and civil rights,” said State Senator Russell Pearce, a chief proponent of both the new discreet-carry law and SB1070. “Now that we have Freedom To Carry in Arizona, we expect crime to drop, just like it did when we passed the permission-slip carry law 16 years ago. Armed citizens put criminals at a disadvantage. Guns save lives.”

Frightened cries of impending doom are muted this time around, say proponents of the new law, since previous claims of wild-west violence turned out to be myths. “We basically haven’t heard much ‘blood-in-the-streets’ fear mongering,” says Alan Korwin, the publisher at gun-law-book specialist Bloomfield Press and an architect of the new statewide gun-training program, “because all the previous claims were nothing more than paranoia. The history shows that.” is a non-partisan joint effort by the firearms community to promote voluntary firearms training, replacing the government mandate that came with the state’s 1994 CCW-permit law. Trainers, shooting ranges and industry are encouraged to contact the organizers to participate and attract new business.

Responsible parents take their kids to the range.
Gun safety is everyone’s business.

Marksmanship and the shooting sports are not some sort of black art,
they are wholesome, decent, honorable, fun and very American pursuits.
Americans used to take that for granted. Arizona is bringing it back.

Have you been misled or confused about guns by the news media?
The shooting sports are the Number 2 participant sport in the country,
while golf is only 3rd. So why have you heard everything there is to know
about golf, but have never even seen the phrase “Shooting Sports” in
broadcast or printed “news”? That is a measure of the level of bias in the
“news” — a condemnation of fraud perpetrated on the public by propagandists
disguised as reporters and editors. Those people have turned mainstream
reporting into one of the worst enemies American freedom faces.

Along with billboards and print advertising, a 3-foot-by-2-foot full-color printed map is being prepared. The Arizona Where-To-Shoot Map will identify every publicly available indoor and outdoor shooting range in the state, and features detailed lists of facilities and ads from commercial enterprises statewide. To participate in the map project, or to reserve a copy for yourself, contact cartographer Wide World of Maps at 602-279-2323.

Passage of Constitutional Carry relied heavily on a relative newcomer, the membership-based Arizona Citizens Defense League, a lobbying and activist group dedicated to preserving and advancing the right to keep and bear arms.

According to board member and spokesman Charles Heller, “Constitutional Carry was one of our goals when we organized five years ago, and it shows what can be done when hundreds of volunteers place their focus on popular concerns. The CCW permit was always viewed — by those of us with an understanding of Arizona’s Constitution — as an intermediate step to get our rights restored.

“Between our two registered lobbyists, our ability to apply pressure for the expansion of our rights, and with 25% of the state’s legislators active members in our organization, we expect additional accomplishments in years to come.” AzCDL has become a power player worth watching. Anyone interested in advancing the work of this organization should join.

Heller, in his 12th year as the host of Tucson’s Liberty Watch Radio on KVOI,, can be reached at

One of the finest firearms training facilities on the planet, Arizona-based Gunsite,, is a supporter of the TrainMeAZ program. Gunsite, a 2,000-acre facility outside Prescott, Arizona, was founded by Col. Jeff Cooper, and trains elite military from around the world, law-enforcement officials and civilians. Cooper was perhaps the nation’s foremost authority on defensive weaponcraft, and often called the father of the modern technique of handgunning. His book, “Principles of Personal Defense,” is among the finest ever written on proper defensive mental conditioning. News about all their classes and programs at Gunsite can be found on their website. A day spent at Gunsite is an education and experience that lasts a lifetime.

Conversations have been opened with other world-class and local firearms companies, all of whom have expressed serious interest in the idea of a statewide campaign to promote responsible firearms ownership, gun safety and a culture of marksmanship like America used to be blessed with. The list of participants is growing and you are invited to join them — whether you’re in the firearm-friendly Grand Canyon State or simply wish you were.

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